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a sydney rental

this 1960's beach cottage is almost too much...ok, not really it's just right.

yet again, it's all in the details; the details surrounded by marvelous white!

xo mrs. french

via dustjacket 

source: homelife


i heart monday. 

hello all!  how are all of you this fine monday?  each time i put together these lists of mine, my must-haves list for spring seems to grow...actually, i am thinking it is more of a"want" list at this time...

i heart this jacket, rug, and bag.

i heart this dress, collection, and ring.

i heart this maxi, glass house, and sandal.

i heart these bibs, this tee, and print.

i heart this shirt, teeny shark tooth, and boot.

have i mentioned that there are big changes going on around these parts.  stay tuned for new looks and other thrilling announcements.

xo mrs. french


blissful pinner | chrysanthie akoni

you all know i have a thing for dreamy interiors.  i do love white walls, interesting textures and just the right amount of rich-colored accessories.  oh and don't forget the art and/or beautful photography!  which is why chrysanthie akoni's interiors/exteriors board has me weak in the knees...

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chrysanthie has plenty of others that are worth a follow as well:




eye candy...your welcome!

xo mrs. french


wee wednesday With Lindsay of Darling Clementine | Zara Mini

Zara has been knocking it out of the park lately, their kids & baby lines are darling, full of character and affordable. Take a peek at their look book photos and what's on my wanted list for both Jack & Juliette...

See you next week!

Xx Lindsay


hearth and a just-right kitchen

if someone were to ask me to describe my ideal kitchen i could definitely go into a ridiculous amount of detail or i could just show them this one...


hearth, an interior architectural firm out of melbourne seems to hit all the nails on the head.  The beautiful tile, in particular, is just too good.  now i just need to figure out a way to make something similar a reality.

xo mrs. french