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Thank you so, so much for your interest in sponsoring my bliss.  I am so incredibly proud of my little piece of the blogging world and feel as if my sponsors are a huge part of this.  I started this blog because I became overwhelmed by all the beauty I found on a daily basis on my computer.  I felt as if I needed to share...bringing pretty things to wonderful people is what I love to do.  A lovely addiction of sorts.  

I choose my sponsors based on what I feel benefits bliss and potential sponsors as well.  I want your product to compliment my blog and vice versa.  Currently sponsorship can either be a rotating button/banner or text link in my sidebar.  Please feel free to email me regarding current sponsorship rates tracifrench [at] mac [dot] com, and please put "sponsorship inquiry" in the subject section.

commonly asked questions

How do you receive payment? I send an invoice through paypal (you do not need a paypal account, however.).

When does my sponsorship time officially begin?  sponsorship time officially starts as soon as I receive payment and your banner is placed properly in my sidebar.  I place banners in the sidebar as soon I receive them (and payment has been received).

Does sponsorship include a spot on your Monday lists?  I do try to include sponsors' wares on my beloved I heart lists...this is why it is so important that we match aesthetically.  My lists are extremely important to me and I put so much into them...I have to love, love, love each item I put on them.

Where will my ad fall in your sidebar?  I rotate my ads every other day

How can I tell if my spot is doing well on bliss?  You should set up analytics for your site that tracks clicks on your ad and tells you where your traffic comes from.  A couple sites that do this are: visistat or sitemeter.  Remember that in the beginning it is all about the clicks (the average click-through rate is 1%).  In the beginning it is not necessarily about the sales...it is about recognition, and getting your product out there.  The sales will come, it just takes awhile...which is why I always suggest that my sponsors go with at least a 3 month spot (because of this, I offer a discount for 3 or more consecutive months).  

What should my ad look like?  Currently, ads on bliss should be 150x150, and make it pretty.  I am serious, make it look like something you would love to click on...I accept ads in jpeg or gif format.

please feel free to contact me with further questions and let the sponsorship adventure begin!