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my happy place...

i have a massive design crush on robert stilin.  his ability to combine just the right amount of everything is outstanding.  i am especially amazed with the use of artwork in his projects.  you all know how i feel about a room centered around a big beautiful photograph...

then of course there are perfect vintage pieces...chairs, rugs, tables...incredibly lovely!  robert's interiors are just right, rather than over-designed.  

my blog has never felt so beautiful.

xo mrs. french

photographs via robert stilin's portfolio



canevas collection by charlotte lancelot for GAN

i happened to be perusing my all time favorite magazine when i tumbled into canevas collection by gan...


the hand-stitched appearance had me longing for more...so i had to search.  charolette lancelot partnered with gan and came up with the works of art here before you.  this collection takes me back to moments when i was small, watching my mom carefully and diligently working on cross-stitch works of art that i was pretty sure were the most special things in the world...not such a bad memory and all that from some pretty rugs, cushions and poofs...lalala, i love to blog.

xo mrs. french

origally found in inside/out mag

further info taken from design milk

photos gathered from here, here, here and here


my happy place...

wait!  before you get lost in this beautiful interior, register for this extremely generous lisa leonard design giveaway...go do it! 

i am not ashamed to admit it...i have a massive design crush on portland designer, jessica helgerson.  i have proclaimed my love for her on bliss in the past (and you should really check it out), but since my latest glimpse of jessica's site i am just plain silly.  all silly because of the tiny house she and her family have been residing in for the last several years.  she chose this home because she wanted to live simply and environment friendly..."an experiment in reuse and reduction."  love that!  Refusing to change the footprint of this structure, it was all about making the best use of space; creating magical nooks and just the right amount of charm.  it doesn't hurt that this home sits on one of my favorite portland destinations, sauvie island...5 acres of magic...

yep, a huge crush!  when the frenches finally settle down, jessica will be a part of my dream space i just know it!  xo mrs. french

photos by lincoln barbour


luke irwin: amazing rugs and a pretty amazing story to boot.

ok, so first, let's just say that i am a little more than infatuated with luke irwin's ikat collection.  each piece is made to order and completely stunning...

as if the rugs weren't enough...the story behind luke's professional journey is magical by itself.  there is a home in the country, a kismet beginning and a success story.  it's nice to come for the carpets and stay for so much more.

i am constantly amazed by all the inspiration surrounding me everyday...not just the pretty pieces, but the hopes and dreams behind them.  take a moment this afternoon to read a really nice article presented by wsj magazine.  i find so much comfort when someone truly figures out what he or she is supposed to be when they grow up.  oh and of course, it's always nice when inspirational stories are accompanied by beautiful rugs and photos of beautiful country homes...have an exquisite weekend. xo mrs. french


blissful guest: Elle's belles

Hello, Francophiles! When Traci asked me to put together a guest post for you, I knew immediately what I would create. Traci loves little elephants... a silly fact I am privy to because she often admires the ones I used to decorate my own daughter's nursery. And so, in celebration of wee lu's arrival, here are just a few elephant-sized friends that I think would look darling in the littlest Frenchie's room.

elephant bliss
1. Shopsimplethings Blue and Yellow Animal Parade Pennants on Grosgrain
2. Bombay Elephant Pillow and Udaipur Elephant/Giraffe Pillow
3. Decoylab Modern Baby Clock
4. Fauna Baby Romper - Elephant
5. Elephant-Print Short One-Piece
6. Q Collection Junior Elephant Parade Boudoir Pillows 7. Taj Blanket in Pouch
8. Weepereas Reversible Baby Shoes

Thank you, blissful readers, for spending this time with me! I hope you'll come visit me at my blogs, The Lil Bee and Feather Report, and my Feather Report iPhone app.

Big kiss!