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the homes of the edies

who doesn't love an amazing duo? the gals behind the australian design twosome cool edies are beyond amazing. lucy tweed's and jane frosh's styles are completely different, but perfectly complimentary.

their homes are perfect examples of this different/complimentary style.

lucy's abode:

Jane's home:

sooooo, i would take either...just saying.

xo mrs. french

via homelife


blue and green by filippo carandini

most of the interiors i feature on bliss are a bit void of color...pale and lovely is what i seem to be drawn to. however this gorgeous apartment designed by filippo carandini has me all about the blues and greens:

ultimately, i think a peaceful space of my very own is what i am truly searching for.

xo mrs. french

via design boom


a studio

oh my! this little studio has my heart.

it seems to me that each and every corner is filled with, yet another, loved item. 

proof, yet again, that bigger isn't always better.

xo mrs. french

via vtwonen


a lovely harlem brownstone

i like to mix things up around here...from the country, to a harlem brownstone. i repeat myself often around here; perhaps the perfect scenario would be one of each. in my dreams.

i especially love the idea of embracing the history of the brownstone , while creating a unique vibe by incorporating bits and pieces of scandinavian detail, which is often timeless on its own...and of course vintage treasures scattered throughout are a must in my book. i can't help but thing each and every item was chosen for this home based on the idea of surrounding yourself with bits you love, can only produce a loved space.


there is no question about it...i must head outside for a bit and enjoy this weather we are having!

xo mrs. french

via Elle Decoration UK, Photography by Petra Bindel


cottonwood cottage

for one reaon or another i can't get this idea of moving to the country out of my noggin. this australian country cottage is not helping this preoccupation one bit...

i have tussled with this country mouse/city mouse debate quite a bit on bliss blog; i am thinking the country mouse may have finally come out on top...stay tuned. 

xo mrs. french

via the always inspiring a keeper....of inspirations