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valentine's day brought to you by terrain

hi friends!  anyone who has followed my blog for a bit knows that valentine's day is my favorite.  you would also know that one of my all time favorites is terrain; a pretty little shop that specializes in sigh-worthy items.  which is why i was beyond thrilled when terrain asked me to share my terrain favorites for my favorite holiday.

funny how many of you may know all about my favorites, however, i am not sure mr. french fully knows.  perhaps someone could gently pass along this information.

oh and THERE IS A CODE for free shipping for orders over $100: VALENTINES

shop my pretty collage:

*the lovely vases are not listed below, find them here.


hedgehouse throwbeds

you know how it is when you don't know you need something until you see it?  right now i can't believe i have gone as long as i have without a hedgehouse throwbed.  i can't believe i leave home without one neatly rolled up under my arm (perhaps one under each?).  

i simply can't imagine heading to the park, beach, or an outdoor concert without first tossing a lovely hedgehouse down/fiber throwbeds upon the unbearable hard, cold ground.

i also can't believe i don't have one or ten of these on my existing bed...i sense some serious princess and the pea tendencies...and who doesn't love that?!

the frenches maybe heading out this weekend to attempt their very first tent camping trip.....wait!  without a hedgehouse bed?  perhaps we should postpone.

xo mrs. french


my luvocracy...

how many of you have dreamed of opening a shop of your very own?  picking out all your favorite things and placing them all in the same spot?  i do it all the time...then i am snapped back to reality and realize that their are folks out there that are meant to have a shop and i am not one of them...i think i maybe too scattered for that.

which is why i have been all silly about luvocracy...a place online where i can collect all of the best things, from clothing, to home good...whatever i like (or looove) and i can put them into categories, and put forth a "shop."  luvocracy works as a concierge of sorts and purchases those items for you, keeps track of your orders and creates a truly first class shopping experience.  my scattered self thrives on luvocracy, because i can pick out everything, present it to you and luvocracy keeps it all organized and efficient...

take a peek at what i have been up too...

i hope you all have a dreamy weekend...

xo mrs. french


a collection from pretty mommy and a lovely discount for my readers

there are few things i enjoy more than collecting things on this blog of mine.  which is why i was so thrilled to build a little collection of items for one of my very favorites, pretty mommy.  i think you will agree, everything is a must have (or want at the very least)...

ilana kohn maddy dress

dream collective bead necklace

matta latika maxi dress

heather taylor home placemats

ilana kohn olive shirt

artisan project hadwoven cotton blanket

beatrice valenzuela botines boots

ace & jig artisan dress

dream collective isis ring

boucherouite rug

mansur gavriel tote

modaspia anjou dress

the best part is that you all will receive 20% off at pretty mommy with the code "BLISS."  Wonderful right?  

xo mrs. french


colors of leif

i think we all have colors we are drawn to.  i am all about shades of sea foam, robin's egg blue, mauve, turquoise, pale shades of pink and my latest obsession bits of neon.  

 so you can imagine how thrilled i was to stumble into the beautiful leif...an online shop stocked with all the colors i can't seem to stay away from...

has me re-thinking this whole submerge-myself-in-all white thing...oooooo better yet, can you imagine all white with bits from leif.

this is big stuff for me...adding color!  oh my!

xo mrs. french