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i heart monday. 

hello all!  how are all of you this fine monday?  each time i put together these lists of mine, my must-haves list for spring seems to grow...actually, i am thinking it is more of a"want" list at this time...

i heart this jacket, rug, and bag.

i heart this dress, collection, and ring.

i heart this maxi, glass house, and sandal.

i heart these bibs, this tee, and print.

i heart this shirt, teeny shark tooth, and boot.

have i mentioned that there are big changes going on around these parts.  stay tuned for new looks and other thrilling announcements.

xo mrs. french


i heart monday. 

i know i tell all of you every week how much i enjoy my lists and how i would love to own everything on them, but this week i think i mean it all even more than before...for real.

i heart this blouse, pillow and pitcher.

i heart this dress, hat and necklace.

i heart this skirt, earring, shawl and rare swivel.

i heart these jeans, this top and clog.

i heart this blouse, these runners and this band.

i do hope you love it as much as i do.

xo mrs. french


i heart monday. 

oh my goodness! spring has popped in with a vegence and i am completely thrilled! i am pretty sure that there is absolutely no way i could be anything less than giddy...my little town is all smiles ear-to-ear.

i do believe i may whistled throughout this entire post...

i heart this top, rug, and these earrings.

i heart this dress, these necklaces, and this clutch.

i heart this dress, this case and these boots.

i heart this tee, these sandals, and this pillow.

i heart this sweater, ring, and these pants.

i do hope spring is upon you as well.

xo mrs. french


i heart monday. 

i had to pop in with some pretty favorites.  


i heart this trench, cabinet, and these clogs.

i heart this sweater, these rings, and pillows.

i heart these pants, this tee, and this shoe.

i heart this top, ring and bag.

i am heading out east for an adventure...stay tuned.

i do hope you all have a lovely rest of the day.

xo mrs. french


i heart monday. 

i get the hint; you have missed my beloved monday lists. i thought a little re-visit may be nice.  i can't promise this will be a weekly recurrence or maybe they will...i had a wonderful time compiling!

i heart this tee, cuff and these flats.

i heart this blouse, necklace, butte (via) and bag.

i heart this top, rug and slide.

i heart this sweater, ring, cabinet, and chair.

happy monday friends!

xo mrs. french