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i heart the portland collection.

oh how i love today!  over the weekend, i stumbled into the 2013 portland collection from pendleton.  two of my very things coming together; pendleton, a true classic, celebrating the city that will forever occupy a place in my heart.  

i had to dedicate this week's list to a line that continues to inspire me year after year...

i heart this dress, these pencils and this boot.

i heart this sweater, pillow cover, and bag.

i heart this coat, headband, and photograph.

i heart this sweater, rug, and boot.

i heart this coat, clock, and these pillows.

i heart this jacket, fan, and print.

i heart this dress, planter, and boot.

it only seems right that i should do my best to collect every single piece from this collection...

xo mrs. french


i heart monday.

it's monday and obviously i am running a bit behind!  happy first day of fall!  one of my favorites for sure...my only complaint is that it isn't nearly long enough...

pumpkins, chimney smoke, crisp air...you get it.  

perhaps some items here will help you prepare...

i heart this cardigan, clutch, necklace, and boot.

i heart these jeans, this bracelet, and rug.

i heart this coat, these triangles, this bag and carpet.

i heart this sweater, these earrings, and this pendant light.

i heart this vintage cape, this jasper necklace and these boots.

i know i say this every week...but for real this time, i may need one of each.

oh and you may notice many of these items link to my luvocracy site...something i am so proud of!  i am so thrilled that you can now shop some of your favorites through the luvocracy app...take a peek!

xo mrs. french


i heart monday.

how are all of you this monday?  the weather has been so completely fantastic...there is something about cooler crisper mornings.

i am now fully embracing the change of season...

i heart this sweater, home for wood, and these boots.


i heart this coat, bag and these oxfords.

i heart this dress, pillow and ring.

i heart this tunic, quilt, and chair.

i heart this cardigan, necklace, and bag.

i am thinking since we are now entering one of my favorite seasons i may have to post a bit more than usual...

have a lovely afternoon!

xo mrs. french


i heart monday.

it's me!  i am a nominee for the very first ever InStyle social media awards.  

typically, i love to toot the horns of others, not so thrilled to toot my own.  however, this honor has me toot-tooting all over the place...

i would be so honored thrilled to receive your vote.  click here please.

now on to the real excitement!  a list please...

i heart this sweater/tank combo, carry-all, these earrings and this rug.

i heart this flannel, necklace, these boots and sweet little stackable ring.

i heart this dress, bracelet, pillow, and gorgeous cabinet.

i heart this sweater, clutch, these necklaces, and this boot.

such a nice way to start the week.

xo mrs. french


i heart wednesday almost as much as monday.

after an afternoon of further technical setbacks...i am here!  i am here, and i come bearing a whole truckload of goodies!  

sometimes it's good to start the week in the middle...

i heart this plaid, this gooseneck and this star.

i heart this rug/blanket, sweater, backpack and table.

i heart this cardigan, bag, ring, and boot.

i heart this seed stitch, these jeans, this pillow, and boot.

i heart this sweater, terrarium, and bracelet

xo mrs. french

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