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i heart monday.

happy monday!  favorites for my favorites...it seems i may have a thing for blue.  who knew?

i heart this top, these earrings and this bag.

i heart this kaftan, ring and blanket.

i heart this poncho, necklace and these stools.

i heart this dress, these lockers, and boots.

i heart this top, pillow and these wedges.

i heart this shirt, these earrings and this salt bowl.

hope this is one of your best weeks yet!

xo mrs. french


i heart monday.

monday.  yessirree, it is upon us and for some reason the sting goes away when i look at the beautiful season out my window and put together these lists of mine...

i heart this slip, these earrings and this laundry basket.

i heart this skirt, mirror and these sneakers.

i heart this dress, necklace, and these boots.

i heart this dress, these arrows and this pillowcase.

i heart this dress, these bottles and this necklace.

i can only imagine how i would feel if they happened to show up on my doorstep!

xo mrs. french


i heart tuesday.

hiya friends!  are you loving summer?  i am, it seemed to reach us later than most, but not i think it may stick around for a bit and i couldn't be happier...

i heart this top, these earrings and this bull.

i heart these jeans, this necklace and elephant.

i heart this dress, this ring, and these shoes.

i heart this dress, chair and bandana.

i heart this batik, these pineapples, and this bucket bag.

xo mrs. french


i heart monday.

happy! monday!  the frenches are doing their best to stay cool...i am thinking you may all be feeling a bit steamy as well.  the good news is that it's summer!  woot!  woot!

i heart this dress, necklace, bolster and huarachi.

i heart this maxi, top, scarf, and knot.

i heart this dress, bangle, these cups and this bag.

i heart this dress, photograph, this necklace, and these shoes.

i heart these jeansearrings, this top and these clogs.

i hope the start of your week is a gorgeous one.

xo mrs. french


i heart tuesday.

happy tuesday...i could construct pretty little collages everyday...

i heart this dress, painting, and necklace.

i heart this mirror, towel, bracelet and lamp.

i heart this dress, ring and these short boots.

i heart this top, delicate ring, these earrings, and this bag.

i heart this sweater, these earrings, and these postcards.

i heart this top, these bangles, and this amazing shoe.

i do hope you had a beautiful weekend...the frenches are feeling so incredibly lucky right now...exciting news to come!  xo mrs. french

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