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i heart monday.

the frenches move to another house this week...i am the kind of gal who likes to stay put, so this is not my favorite.

this little list took my mind off the chaos for a bit...hope it proves to be an oasis for you as well...

i heart this embroidered bomber, lamp, and necklace.

i heart this dress, bangle, and rug.

i heart this sweater, watch, and cover.

i heart this blanket, necklace, and boot.

i heart this shirt, bag, and boot.

i heart this sweater, clutch, and ring.

xo mrs. french


i heart monday. 

typically, when it comes to weekends i am more of a planner, but this weekend was full of impromptus and i loved it.  sometimes on the fly is the best thing...

i may have gotten a little carried away this week, but i couldn't help myself, just so much good stuff!

i heart this sweater, necklace and these boots.

i heart this sweater, these earrings and this pillow.

i heart this sweater, snazzy bag, and mirror.

i heart this sequin bedspread, bracelet, and planter.

i heart this parka, bucket bag, and these glasses.

i heart this dress, bracelet, and quilt.

i heart this dress, wishbone, and these boots.

hope this is a start to one of the best weeks yet!

xo mrs. french


i heart monday. 

you see?  i am already all about the boots...i can't help myself.

i hope you are enjoying what remains of my favorite season, but i am hoping i can make looking ahead not so darn terrible!

i heart this sweater, these pillows and this backpack.

i heart this sweater, these jeans and this boot.

i heart this tunic, backpack and these pillows.

i heart this coat, watch and these boots.

i heart this rug, this tee, and these boots.

i heart this tunic, these bath towels, and this water bottle.

talk soon!

xo mrs. french


i heart monday. 

happy happy day!  i had some help today!  my favorite (and only sister)/partner and i came up with these items together.  she is in town and i couldn't be happier!

i heart these jeans, this popover, and coin.

i heart this headboard, throw, and these boots.

i heart this chair, these earrings, and this blouse.

i heart this dress, kitchen table, and these boots.

i heart this shirt, pillow and globe.

i heart this rug, these earrings, and this cushion.

i hope your monday is special for one reason or another as well.

xo mrs. french


i heart monday. 

hi friends...we decided to see how many waterfalls we could splash in, lava we could climb on, rivers we could jump in and how much cheese would could ingest in one weekend!  needless to say, it was a full couple of days and just about perfect.  

now i need a few days to cleanse, recupe and apparently shop...

i heart this shirt, plant and planter, and wire shelf.

i heart these jeans, this rug, and clutch.

i heart this dress, these earrings, and sandals.

i heart this top, ring, and boots.

i heart this dress, necklace, and hobo.

i heart this dress, these s&p shakers, and earrings.

life is pretty fantastic...

xo mrs. french

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