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a sydney rental

this 1960's beach cottage is almost too much...ok, not really it's just right.

yet again, it's all in the details; the details surrounded by marvelous white!

xo mrs. french

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hearth and a just-right kitchen

if someone were to ask me to describe my ideal kitchen i could definitely go into a ridiculous amount of detail or i could just show them this one...


hearth, an interior architectural firm out of melbourne seems to hit all the nails on the head.  The beautiful tile, in particular, is just too good.  now i just need to figure out a way to make something similar a reality.

xo mrs. french


le marché st george photographed by gilian stevens

i want to plan a whole trip to vancouver around a visit to le marché st george; a all too quaint market/restaurant on a idealic corner.  

gilian stevens and her camera capture le marché st george in just the right way...oh how i wish this magical store was right around the corner.

xo mrs. french


made a mano

i had every intention of posting a beautiful home like i do most tuesdays and then came upon this fireplace adorn in this tile and my whole plan changed.

i have had the pleasure of featuring made a mano in the past and it is absolutely my pleasure to feature their stunning handmade tiles yet again...


i need to head out on a hike...this beautiful spring day is calling to me...

xo mrs. french


i tend to drift...

since we left my beloved coast, i find myself drifting all too often; i have thought of little more than a home surrounded by the magical lush green, a stones throw from the pacific.  it doesn't help that she, while i was frolicking along the shore, showed me this space.  

now the drifting has morphed into a home on the coast, that looks almost exactly like this...


perhaps it is not the best idea to dream of a second, before one technically has a first...forget it, there is absolutely no room for prudence here; not when dreams are involved.

xo mrs. french

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