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chilean simplicity

more and more i have been loving the idea of building a home that is just right.  i know i am not alone in longing for a simpler life on occasion; which is why this stunning chilean home seems perfect in every way.  

MAPA modeled after timber barns in the area, this home was created by constructing two free-standing smaller structures within a larger shed.  

i can't fully wrap my head around the concept, but completely love it.

xo mrs. french

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underfoot in barcelona

the floors...for me, the floors and and what covers them can make or break a space; rugs, wideplank wood and cement tiles?  yes please!  imagine the thrill i had stumbling upon this barcelona apartment.  

yes, what lies upon floor is truly lovely, but the rest of it is pretty magnificent as well...

xo mrs. french

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then there is this whole facebook thing...i am completely late to the party, but have it all figured out now.  awesome place to check out the latest bliss announcements, posts and a few extras to boot!  "like" me darnit!!!


The Blue Hills House

this home located in the woods in quebec is so, so right.  seems so perfect since i contemplate a home in the woods quite often.  

la shed architecture, also out of quebec, has managed to design a home that appears to belong in its surroundings and warmly invites a bit of the outside to come right in (i can almost catch a glimpse of the squirrels and deer frolicking outside of those big old windows).

of course, in my real life i would have to add a bit more color and those floors would be radiating with warmth.  otherwise, i believe we would be set.

la shed architecture's site is truly beautiful...you may want to take a moment to peruse.

xo mrs. french


factory conversion in the south of france

interior designer annabel gueret has mastered the art of combining old and new to create something truly magical.  This fact is made abundantly clear after glimpsing her residence in the south of france...

i love homes that seem incredibly put together, yet manage to maintain warmth and approachability.  you would never believe that this inviting space had been a factory in a previous life.  i truly believe that a combination of loved items old and new creates the very best interiors. 

xo mrs. french

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montagne alternative

it's funny how i am gearing up for the trip of a lifetime to the big citay...yet i am still dreaming of a little cabin on a mountain.  of course, this particular cabin dream consists of a collection of swiss chalets transformed from barns.  i challenge you not to have the same dream!

ludvic orts became smitten with an abandoned village in switzerland; building by building, the restoration began.  little masterpieces ready to be rented to outdoor lovers on holiday...that so could be me.  


that was supposed to be it...then i stumbled into the actual website for these glorious rentals and i am afraid this little post may have to triple in size...

you're welcome. :)

montagne alternative:


when can we leave, right? 

xo mrs. french

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postscript pics taken from montagne alternative