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my happy place...

such a busy day!  i almost skipped a post for the day, but i had to share this lovely, little, one room cabin....

the cabin itself is pure magic, but the location is home to some of my very favorite childhood memories: when i was a little girl we spent many summer vacations in the majestic mountains of montana.  one vacation in particular, always comes to mind...we rented a little cabin on flathead lake.  we spent most of our days trying to capture water bugs, eating ice-cream, and wading in cold mountain streams.  this little, tiny place brought back some big, powerful memories.  

i would love to pack up my b and lu and revisit that perfect lake; giving them some special memories of their very own.  

via the lovely froth


my happy place...

watch out friends, this is a long one!  you may have sensed my longing for the snow.  which is why i can't think of a place i would rather be at the moment than whitepod in the alps of switzerland.  
the perfect mix of warm, cosy, cold and snowy all bundled up in a perfectly designed masterpiece.  i honestly cannot stop scrolling through these photos.  i have been back to the whitepod site (and there is a movie!) a silly amount of times.  i get all shaky thinking of the photo ops, private skiing, yummy foods and spa treatments!!!  ok, i need a moment!  xo mrs. french

~via the lovely love nordic design blog


my happy place

i have often wondered what it would be to grace my home from top to bottom with john robshaw's intricate textiles...thanks to lonny magazine i don't have to wonder....

bravo!  right?  john robshaw's connecticut country home is so incredibly gorgeous!  i do believe that my desire to be surrounded by all john robshaw, all the time has grown!  xo mrs. french

since i have been running a bit behind this week...my wee wednesday will be on thursday and i am thinking 2 posts may be in order!


my happy place...

ever since our snowy holiday, i have been a bit crazy for mountain getaways...just like this beautiful home in the sawtooth mountains of idaho.  this is a family vacation home...if it were mine i don't think i would ever leave. 

maybe mr. french has a valid point regarding his urge to move to the mountains...xo mrs. french
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my happy place...

i had every intention of posting this lovely norwegian cabin yesterday, but we ended up on a longer than anticipated road trip.  however, we are here at last...in a pretty little house, surrounded by loads of snow, in the mountains.  which i have to admit, sets the mood...

i have been obsessed with this home since i first saw it here, then i saw it here and i had to see more.  lucky for me, i found a wonderful amount of more.  hanne borge-yngland,  owner of a home interiors shop called bolina in oslo, built this home as a quaint mountain getaway for her family and i am so in love.  

i was so excited when i found this stunning layout via the bolina site via elle interiør....

i just keep loving it more and more.  

i will be taking tomorrow off for the holiday, but will pop in on friday to announce the winner of the blue hour giveaway (good luck, by the way).  be well and love up those around you!
xo mrs. french