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swedish black and white

i feel like i am on a roll with this whole black thing...i also feel like i would really like to see a couple of beautiful swedish black and white interiors posted right next to my black wardrobe pics.

swedish monochrome apartment via residence (found on 79 ideas):


 swedish interior designer and shop owner, daniella witt's beatiful home (via skona hem):

looks so nice right?

xo mrs. french


chay wike's home 

i love chay wike's (don't even get me started on her beyond amazing shop) beautiful home.  i love the fact that my dear friend anna knew that i would and dropped me a note telling me that i would.  i also love spending time on domino...which is where this home and its beautiful photographs reside.

you love it too right?  i knew you would.

xo mrs. french


festive terrain

i typically thing holiday decor is tacky.  i don't love most of it.  however, i love all of it at terrain...

i, suddenly, feel inspired to make my abode all festive.  falalalalala!

xo mrs. french


just right

you know how it is...you have something in your head and you need to find it.  ok, maybe you don't...i am talking about me here.  the reason i started this little old blog and became full-on pinterest fanatic was due to my need to find and collect things...whether it be a particular item, interior, artist, photographer, or something as simple as just the right sweater.  

these blog posts you see before you are a result having to find and collect just the right thing.  for instance, today i am feeling inspired by the light blanket of snow that covering my surroundings this morning and by the fact that i that i am beginning to feel that tiny spark of holiday spirit.  i knew i wanted to find an interior today that encompass these very same things...

with the help of hus & hem, i do believe i have accomplished my goal...

this swedish mountain retreat meets all of my criteria.  reclaimed timber, stone, and bits of red here and there...right down to that lovely fireplace!  i can almost smell the fresh pine and gingerbread.

xo mrs. french

thank you trendland!


pillows and a home built in the 70's

the mister often complains about the abundance of beautiful pillows around the french residence.  he now realizes after 15 years of marital bliss there is no point in objecting.  

this danish home is not helping his case.  

this lovely home belongs to barbara hvit, cofounder of soft gallery, and family.  

the frenches are in the early stages of looking for a home of their own...in other cities i have always been drawn to homes built in the 20's.  there is a shortage in our current tiny city, but there is an abundance of 70's homes.  which, i will admit, i poo-pooed in the beginning. i am beginning to have visions of what we could do with homes born the same decade as myself.  barbara's home makes this idea more of a happy dream.  lemonade from lemons right?  the best part is that i think i have the pillows covered!

xo mrs. french

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