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i can't do it.  i can't go too terribly long without posting a beautiful white interior with just enough black.  

a danish couple decided to drop everything and move to cannes.  the result is nothing short of stunning...

i am not sure which is more romantic...this breathtaking abode or the idea of dropping everything and moving to cannes...sigh...

xo mrs. french

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a favorite home presented by one of my favorite people

hello blissful readers!

i cannot tell you how thrilled i am to introduce an extra post this week from tina jeffers.  tina spends her thursdays here on bliss sharing all things delicious...this week she is sharing a lovely home with us.  i have to tell you that i would so love for her to do both on a regular basis...love this gal! 

If only life could be as beautiful as the boards I curate on Pinterest.  Well sometimes it is.  Roughly a year ago I met Nicole at a workshop and we both expressed our love of Pinterest.  When I went home that day I made sure to follow her and over time came to realize that we shared very similar design aesthetics.  A few weeks ago I received an email from her inviting me to her house for tea.  I never expected when I accepted the invitation that I would be in for such a treat.  Nicole's house is like one of my favorite pin boards come to life.  Every corner is filled with a lovely vignette begging to be photographed.  We talked and I mentioned that I would love to take some photos of her home to show Mrs. French and hopefully post on Bliss.  I must admit I was a little nervous since I have never photographed interiors but it was a delight to be invited into her lovely space.  

A big thanks to Mrs. French for letting me share something new with you!  

Enjoy the tour!


renovated farmhouse by studio viva veda

can a house be playful?  not "playful" in a cartoonish way, but "playful" in a beautiful, sophisticated way.  i don't think i have ever used that word to describe a home before...there's a first time for everything right?

dutch design studio viva vida created the most amazing space within the walls of this farmhouse.  it definitely has industrial elements, but is far from cold.  obviously, wood can bring a feeling of warmth to wide open space...the beams right!?  in this home artwork, stunning textiles, pops of color and truly loved bits and baubles only add to this warmth and feeling of home.

just when i think i have seen it all in the beautiful spaces i feature on bliss, a pleasant surprise like this unique gem comes my way...

i truly love what i do.

xo mrs. french

via turbulences déco


michala wiesnick's home

i am not at all surprised that fashion designer michala wiesnick has a beautiful home...perhaps the only surprise is truly how beautiful it is...

the floors, the textiles, the walls, baubles, and that tile!  all of it.  i love homes that appear perfect, but also look completely loved.  

xo mrs. french

via elle decoration norge blogg via bo bedre

photographs: kristian septimius krogh


a shootfactory home

oh my!  ask me how much i love, adore and just plain freak out over this kitchen?

or how jealous i am of the folks who possess these shelves?

or how much i just plain love this homey room?

ok, i like it a lot.  this london home truly has it all and i am so happy i ran into it today.

xo mrs. french

via shootfactory

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