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a tastemaker sale on one kings lane

i am more than thrilled to be a part of a tastemaker sale on one kings lane.  one kings lane asked 4 of their favorite pinners to help "decorate" a room in a virtual dream home.  i was asked to curate a collection for the living room; which will include vintage rugs, artwork, furniture and accessories...all of which i long to have in my very own room.  the sale starts today at 6pm pst.  i will see you there...

xo mrs. french


art-filled copenhagen apartment

i feel as if i am still up in clouds after my weekend away...which is why this interior seems so fitting...

i love the mix of everything in this copenhagen apartment.  Yet again, it is proven that art sets the tone in all of my favorite interiors.

keep in mind that i include vintage rugs as works of art as well....and the white backdrop?  well that just seems to be a given aroud here.

xo mrs. french

via elle decoration UK

photography: Brigitta Wolfgang Drejer


autumnal interiors

fall has to be the shortest season of the year...we have already seen the first few flakes indicating the end is near.  sadly, i rarely take the opportunity to truly enjoy it; i spend the first part dreading the end of summer and the final stretch dready winter, then missing it.  

rather than "dreading" and "missing," i am going to take this opportunity to just be.  

this photo by lisa epp captures the season beautifully:


this image truly evokes the warmth, and richness all around me...while also driving me to interiors that conjure the same feeling.  



desire to inspire

nicole franzen

planete deco

arch daily

seventy nine ideas

solid frog

hither & thither

katy elliott

apartment therapy

there.  go autumn!

xo mrs. french


birthday lunch

hello all!  i used to make a big deal out of my birthdays...i used to say "if i don't make a big deal out of my birthday, who else will?"  seems so funny now since i try to keep my birthdays pretty quiet..keeping this year's especially quiet...*wink*

i do, however, feel pretty thrilled to spend my birthday lunch at farmshop.  the food looks amazing, but the interior has me completely floored...

i believe i could live in farmshop and eat very well in the process...

xo mrs. french

via remodelista photographed by mariko reed and katie newburn


orchard keepers

i like to think that the frenches are experts when it comes to the art of choosing just the right vacation rental. with two little ones it's silly to think we could get fully comfortable in a tiny hotel room.  we have had amazing luck choosing perfect spots for small getaways.  

it seems as if we now have our accomodations all set if we were to travel to red hill, victoria in austrailia; Orchard Keepers seems to hit every item on our checklist...

a country retreat that simply makes me weak in the knees...

xo mrs. french

via Est

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