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library house

i have a tough time checking in on old friends...life gets in the way i guess.  besides my real-life friends, the friends i have been lucky enough to meet through this big beautiful world of blogging deserve to be checked in upon as well...jessica helgerson is definitely one of those blogging friends.  she should be looked in upon as often as possible.

i look in on her for purely selfish reasons.  she is my favorite you see...my very favorite interior designer.  i mentioned yesterday that the frenches are moving...we are moving to another temporary location, to hold us over until we decide where we want to end up when we grow up.  each time we make a move i can't help but attempt to channel my inner jessica (giggle)...hoping that one day, when we finally quit bouncing from spot to spot, the real jessica helgerson will help me make it my forever home.

when i popped in this time i gasped out loud when i set eyes upon one of her latest endeavors: the library house; a former library-turned-residence in one of my very favorite portland neighborhoods.  

not my typical embrace-the-white interior right?  the richness, combined with jewel tones, with just enough white seems to be the perfect combination.  the furniture, textiles, lighting, cabinetry, ladders...etc seem to be just right as well.  

excuse me while i continue to admire...

xo mrs. french

photos by the ever talented lincoln barbour


isolated sweden

i have always dreamt of a secret spot...my very own house away from everything and everyone.  where no one shows up unannounced, and in most cases couldn't find if if they tried.  i believe i may be part recluse.

this cabin in the northern sweden archipelago (photographed beautifully by felix odell) is exactly what i am talking about.  a home on it's very own secret island?  just what i need some days.

ok, now realizing i sound like a crabby old spinster, i need to clarify; if it were mine, my family would be invited most of the time (but one weekend a quarter it is all mine) and guests are always welcome with plenty of notice.  

i am thinking the specifics are a waste of time at this point. 

xo mrs. french

via monocle magazine also seen here and here


an apartment by the sea...

perhaps my dreams of the ultimate beach house are too lofty?  could i be happy with a lovely apartment by the sea?

i think yes...especially if my apartment by the sea happened to be anything like this one featured in bolig...

such a simple gal i am!

xo mrs. french

via bolig 

photography: pernille kaalund


my favorite ever from the design files...

you know how it is...i bump into things all the time i can't seem to remove from my big old brain (big enough to encapsulate all the beauty i bump into on a daily basis!).  

one of the homes i cannot get out of my mind is this masterpiece presented by the design files, photographed by sean fennessy.  i know i say it every week...but for real this time, this home has to be my favorite....

i am thinking that most of you have already seen it...but in case you haven't pop over to the design files bask in the beauty...


xo mrs. french


lovely little cottage

on hectic days i want to go to my summer cottage.  of course the one hitch in the plan is that, at this time, i do not have a summer cottage to retreat too....hrmph.

which is why i find so much happiness collecting all the best ones on bliss.  this one seems to fit the bill quite nicely.


xo mrs. french

via marcia margolius

source: lantliv

photographs by KLAS SJÖBERG

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