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wee wednesday with jennifer: Maxine Helfman

Once in a while you see something lovely that makes you stop in your tracks!  I have been seeing the most beautiful pictures of children floating around on pinterest and had to find the source.  Many of these stunning photos can be traced back to JenRen.com.  Here are some stunners from Maxine Helfman. 

Maxine can come take pictures of my kids any day:)




wee wednesday with jennifer: The Brian and Nephew Co.

Hello Friends,

The air is changing here.  It’s cooling off here in Oregon, which makes me realize fall is getting near!  Fall is my very favorite fashion seasonJ I’m thinking knits, tweed and boots (for the little one’s too of course).  The Brian and Nephew Co.  has expressed it so well I think they deserve a post all their own.  Here are a few of my favorites…

What is your favorite fashion season?




wee wednesday with jennifer: star-studded

I have to admit, I have stars in my eyes.  I’m a little more than obsessed with all the darling kids’ clothing with star motifs.  Here are a few samples that shine…

1. robe/dress 2. leggings

3. twinkle headband 4. pencil case

5. star scarf 6. star tee

7. skirt 8. bandana

9. multi-star tee 10.sneakers

11. black cape 12. pink cape

Have a star studded week! 


Xo Jennifer


wee wednesday: a new friend and seed heritage

you know you have one...that friend that is incredibly put together, stylish, seamlessly organized and on top of all that is gorgeous inside and out...or maybe not?  i do.  her name is jennifer and i had to snatch her up to help me with bliss.  she has three pretty perfect little ones and has an eye for fashion like nobody's business and it just didn't seem fair to keep her to myself....

Miss Jennifer (as b and lu say) will be heading up my wee wednesdays...i am thinking i may pop in with an extra post here and there, but mostly she will be sharing her idea of what tiny folk look snazzy in.  

with great pleasure, let me introduce Jennifer...

Hello from Oregon! I was so honored when the fabulous Mrs. French suggested I take over her Wee Wednesday post! To give you a little background, I first met Mr. French at our children's school, and he was so proud to promote his wife's blog:) Being a blog lover, I went home and checked out blissfulbblog, and couldn't believe the visual feast! How could this amazing blogger be so close and I didn't know her? We met and chatted and the rest is history:)  As for my family, my husband and I started out on the west coast (had a child there, then one on the east coast, one in the mid-west, then stopped in Australia for a year and now have come full circle back to the west coast.

I have a passion for children's clothing and couldn't get over how adorable the Australian's dress their kids. I'm talking hand knit sweaters and skirts and scarves. One of my favorite stores in Melbourne off of Lygon street is called seed. This is a store where you want to buy everything in site! So with school quickly approaching and back to school shopping on our minds, I thought it only fitting to give you a little sample of seed in my first post.






Cheers, Jennifer


wee wednesday: late to dou.te

it's true, i am always a little bit late.  in most cases it turns out just fine, but in this case i am truly bummed.  i was late to jenny's little shop, dou.te, and now it is no longer open...look what i missed:

maybe she could re-open it?  if she did, i could be considered early...right? xo mrs. french

photos taken from jenny's blog