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wee wednesday with lindsay | childhood is magic

Childhood is such a magical time, and we as parents need to stop rushing their growing up... stop telling them they can't wear this, or that, stop correcting their cute grammatical errors and stop rushing them through their wild, long and sometimes told at the wrong time stories (I know Juliette likes to tell long tales when it's way past her bedtime) Let's enjoy our children and revel in their curious minds.

Some inspiration to get you started...


1. you are my wild


2. you are my wild

3. the littlest

4. che & fidel


5. lovely morning

6. house inhabit

7. house inhabit


See you next week! Xx Lindsay


wee wednesday with lindsay: Baby it's cold out there!

We had snow this morning in New York City, real snow. While Juliette adored it and giggled all the way to school, it was a reminder to me that colder days are coming... what better time for a round up of some favorite cold weather picks to stock up on for your little one... 

1. I love a parka, for boys & girls, from Crewcuts 

2. Faux Fur Stole from Crewcuts, omg. 


3. Pima Cotton Draped Cardigan by Ever/After at Darling Clementine 


4. Fair Isle Hearts from Gap 

5. Polka Dot Coat from Zara 


6. Grey Hat from Zara


7. Vintage Sweater found on Etsy 

8. Bright yellow moccasins found on Etsy

Xx Lindsay


wee wednesday with lindsay | Little Spaces

As I prepare for the arrival of my little boy, (3 months to go!!) I've begun some serious nesting, and with that comes redecorating! My 4 year old daughter will be sharing a room with this little man, so a shared space must incorporate both her taste and that of a little one as well. We'd like to make sure we keep Juliette's favorite things around while incorporating a new aesthetic. I've been pouring over inspiration photos of kids spaces (mainly on my Pinterest) and have to say, little spaces are so special to design and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite spaces for you to be inspired.  

We can always change things around, even if we don't want to spend a lot of cash on new things, pull out some old favorites, tuck away some things you're not using, swap out photos/art in frames and add plants. Those are some of my favorite tips.

We're still figuring out exactly what we want to do in our little ones shared room, but you can be sure there will be gorgeous baskets to capture clutter & toys, muted tones to help balance out brightly color toys & stacks of books everywhere. What are your favorite things to decorate little spaces? I'd love your thoughts!

1. I adore this space for 2 little ones Courtney Adamo has created , via Design Mom 

 2. This rug, I mean! via Lay Baby Lay

3. That poster is on my wish list, room image via cush and nooks

4. I love how this room is gender neutral, via Apartment Therapy

5. The color of that dresser, yes. Via Apartment Therapy

6. Swing! Via houseandhome.com


7. Clean and simple, and the wall map is gorgeous too. Via houseandhome.com 

8. Native American themed, hmm taking note. Via The Coterie Blog

Xx Lindsay


wee wednesday with lindsay: DIY Dress up Edition

With Halloween coming up I've been on the hunt for a fun DIY costume I can make for Juliette. Well, after much back and forth discussion my 4 year old has won, won the store bought princess costume. I decided it wasn't a battle worth fighting this year and I'm letting her be whatever she wants. But that doesn't mean I can't share these amazing DIY and creative costumes. I tapped into 2 of my favorite DIY sources, Martha Stewart and Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day. Here are some favorites... what are your little ones going to be this year?

1. Photobooth Strip from Oh Happy Day 

2. Anna Wintour 

3. Snail from Oh Happy Day

4. Red Balloon Costume from Oh Happy Day

5. Spring Chicken via Martha Stewart

6. Lobster via Martha Stewart

Xx see you next week!

wee wednesday with lindsay | Ace & Jig for Momma and littles

Oh man do I love Ace & Jig, if you don't already know their gorgeous clothing, you simply must click here  when I heard they were creating a small kids line last Spring I literally gasped out loud. 

Ace & Jig is the brilliant collaboration between 2 lovely ladies, Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson. They wanted to create a collection of seasonless women's wear that embodied their love of textiles & fabrics. I love their women's collection as much as I love their kids line. I'm proud to say I carry Ace & Jig Kids in my shop, Darling Clementine. Take a look at some of my favorite pieces from both Women's & Kids, but hurry, they are selling out fast!

1. Women's Black Hole Dress 


2. Women's Nile Poncho  

3. Women's Matinee Dress 

4. Kids Mini Pleated Dress in Peppermint Indigo Twist 

5. Kids Mini Button Up in Mackinac 

6. Kids Mini Pleated Dress in Natural Dot Luxor 


See the rest of the collection we carry at Darling Clementine here!


Xx Lindsay

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