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wee wednesday With Lindsay of Darling Clementine | A Vintage Tribute from Bobo Choses

Spring & Summer is around the corner, we've almost made it friends! 

To celebrate the coming seasons I'm bringing you my favorites from the Bobo Choses Spring/Summer collection. This season their focus is an ode to the past, full of bright colors, pop culture references & whimsical imagery. These and more are available at Darling Clementine. Enjoy... 

All photos can link to here - http://www.darlingclementineshop.com/Bobo-Choses

Xx Lindsey


wee wednesday With Lindsay of Darling Clementine | Gifts for New Little Babies

I've got newborns on the brain... so... I thought I'd bring you a post to show you what sweet little items I've been going gaga over as we are set to welcome a little boy in the coming weeks. Let's face it, we all know someone having a baby, and we're always having to come up with a baby gift in a flash. Here are some of my favorites that Mama & Papa will love too. I know I'd love to receive ANY of these as a gift.  

What are your go to baby gifts? I used to go with the standard swaddles, like these here but I've been switching it up lately with some of the below items.  

1. New baby girl headbands, that aren't TOO girly for my taste, 2. THE cutest dress in all the land, 3. Romper with buttons, 4. Pale blue onesies. Yes., 5. These to keep teeny toes warm, 6. Stripes are always the way to go in my book, 7. Could a bear be sweeter & more classic? club-pdc-classic-bear, 8. Bonjour Bebe card 

Xx Lindsay


wee wednesday With Lindsay of Darling Clementine | A Shared Space

While we wait patiently for baby's arrival, and as I waddle barefoot through the house I am working to make over Juliette's room into a room for her and baby boy. This is a bit of a struggle (ie jigsaw puzzle) since we live in Brooklyn, NY and space isn't abundant. We've had to be very clever in our redesign in order to keep the space still feeling like us, while allowing baby to have his space too, all the while keeping Juliette's interests in the forefront. 

Here are some pieces we've picked up to help transform the room into a space both little one can enjoy:

1. Gender neutral storage baskets will help keep Juliette's toys at bay while also helping to organize baby boy's laundry. By Serena and Lily 


2. Leather bookends, both childlike and also quite grown up


3. Ferm Living Cloud Wall Stickers

4. Bean Bags by Bla Bla in gorgeous grey

5. Animal Print Shop, particularly this darling deer

6. Baby Acapulco Chair 

7. Felt fruit for both little ones to enjoy  

See you next week! 

Xx Lindsay


wee wednesday With Lindsay of Darling Clementine

It's 2014, it really is here, which for me means my little baby boy's arrival is imminent, he's due to arrive in early February! 

Our world of 3 is about to become 4, and as I've been warned by friends with multiple children, everything is about to change. Part of me feels sad, and guilty that we've decided to change our sweet little family but I know in my heart a sibling is the best gift we could be giving our family and though there will be bumpy times there will also be the best times. 

This post is for Juliette, who someday can read it and try to comprehend the love I have for her, try to comprehend the emotions that were running through me as our family was about to welcome a new addition, who would be so loved, but would never replace her.  

Her light, her joy, her bright eyes bring sunshine to my day, and moonlight to my nights. She constantly helps me see the world in different ways. She is so tender and yet so strong. She's the best of Kevin and I, both stubborn and utterly caring, headstrong and needy. I adore her fragility as much as I admire her strength. This little boy who will be here in a matter of weeks has no idea what a lucky little boy he is, to have Juliette to look after him. And me, I'll never stop looking after her. Oh here I go getting all teary...

Here are some of my favorite photos from this past year as she grew from baby to little girl before my eyes...




See you next week



Wee Wednesday With Lindsay of Darling Clementine | Stripes Obsession

Half of my wardrobe is black, the other half is stripes. Or so it seems as that's what I end up wearing on a daily basis. This trend of stripes of course rolls over onto my little girl, and will inevitably roll over onto the little boy who's arriving very soon. Here are some of my favorite stripes for Mama & littles. 

Happy Holidays! Xx Lindsay


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